Former Attorney General and prominent member of the opposition All Peoples Congress (APC), Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, took to Twitter to express his concerns regarding the ongoing electoral process in Sierra Leone.

Kamara, commonly referred to as JFK, emphasized the importance of justice in achieving peace and called for the release of election results by district and polling station.

He urged the country’s electoral commission ECSL to promptly release the results to the public, allowing for an informed understanding of the outcome.By providing results broken down by district and polling station, JFK argued that the Independent Electoral Observers could verify the credibility of the election.

According to JFK, the presence of Independent Electoral Observers has led to a consensus among them that a runoff election is the only viable outcome. This suggests that no candidate has secured an outright majority, making a second round necessary to determine the ultimate winner. By acknowledging the observer’s findings, JFK urged the electoral commission and all relevant stakeholders to respect the will of the voters and allow them to decide the future of the country through their votes