Sierra Leone’s First Lady Dr. Fatima Bio has, in a video on social media, debunked false allegations of authorizing the demolition of a church building within the Wilberforce Military Barracks.

Addressing the issue, the First Lady expressed reluctance in responding to social media matters but felt compelled to do so due to the religious implications and the growing trend of politicization in the country. She emphasized her commitment to avoiding involvement in baseless controversies.

First Lady Bio clarified that she neither knew the church in question nor had she ever visited or had any contact with it. Expressing dismay over the circulating video, she highlighted her lack of association with the alleged incident.

Regarding the video’s origin, she revealed that the individual responsible for it chose not to post it, but a popular social media blogger, Sarah Kallay, uploaded it on her Facebook page, anticipating no response. In response to Kalley, the First Lady labeled her a coward for not seeking her side of the story before sharing the video.

The First Lady addresses Sarah Kallay, informing her that she no longer has time for pettiness or attention-seeking. She asserts that people often try to link her with anything negative happening in the country but emphasizes that she will not tolerate any false accusations moving forward.

Strongly condemning false accusations, First Lady Bio warned against involving her in political disputes, emphasizing her disinterest in such engagements. She asserted her dedication to maintaining religious tolerance in Sierra Leone, a country with exemplified peaceful coexistence between Islam and Christianity.

She further warns that those engaging in political activities should exclude her from their involvement, expressing disinterest in any political engagements. Her primary focus was to secure her husband’s re-election, and now that it’s concluded, she is not interested in any petty political involvement with anyone.

She underscored the importance of upholding the peaceful coexistence between the two main religions in Sierra Leone, a principle she attributes to her marriage’s example of mutual respect for different faiths.

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