The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Fatima Maada Bio has penned a heart touching tribute to her younger Brother, Marabu Darboe who died on Thursday.

She wrote;

“You took away the most humble soul from us for whatever reason or reasons is best known to you that killed him.
He was well and healthy when he enters WAREHOUSE to eat and drink with his friends only to come out a dead person. It is well.

My brother does no wrong, he refused to be seen around me just to protect me. He lived like an ordinary man minding his business yet still you targeted him and succeeded in causing us such pain.

He is gone now and I hope you are happy for your actions.

I am putting up his picture to remind you that this was my baby brother, he was not a politician or a businessman, he was not a thief or an armed robber, he was my baby brother who played football for eastern lions.

He loved his family and respected everyone. Why must you take his life away and for what reason?
I hope you are happy now.

Marabu You are gone and in the process you took away my laughter, you also took my faith in humanity.
Marabu you left me empty fighting to survive by the day. My friend, my brother, my Son is no more.
How do you bury your last brother who was meant to be around to help you out in your old age?
How do you cope knowing that he is not coming home to have dinner with you no more?
How do you accept that your phone would not be ringing and on the other side is your baby brother just checking up on you?
How do you cope knowing that there will be a family together but HE will not be there smiling and playing with everyone?
How do you cope with the loss of your brother that has always been your first son how?
Rest Well Marabu I hope and pray that who ever put whatever in your drink will faced Godโ€™s judgment soon.

We missed you and I MISSED YOU DEARLY”.

The First Lady lost her little brother few days ago at WAREHOUSE in Aberdeen where he went with friends to have food and drink. The junior brother was said to be poisoned by an unknown person. His lost has brought so much pain to the First Lady, Fatima Jabbe Maada Bio.