Madam Fatmata Sawaneh has formally reacted after losing the highly contested SLPP National Women’s Leader Election.

Reacting after the elections, Madam Fatmata Sawaneh first thanked all her supporters and those who stood by her during the electioneering process.

To those who voted for her, she thanked them for believing in her and for casting their votes in her favour. She also thanked those who voted against her.

Madam Fatmata Sawaneh begged all those who supported her to continue to stay with the party and be calm, adding that they are family at the end of the day.

She stated that now is the time for them to be united and work together despite their differences because they are one family, adding that he has and will always be an SLPP and nothing changes that fact for she is a core SLPP and that she has supported the party through bad and good times and despite everything she remains loyal to her party and the country.