The Management of the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) would like to inform the general public that due to technical problem associated with one of the 33/40MVA power transformer at Kingtom 161 Primary Substation, the following areas would experience intermittent supply of electricity for the time being; Wilkinson Road, Brookfields, Murray Town, Aberdeen, Congo Cross, New England, Dwazack, Kingtom, Cline Town & Dockyard, part of the expressed and Village lines.

However, investigations into the problem had commenced and it is expected that once the problem is identified, corrective measures will be instituted to solve the problem and restore normal power supply accordingly.

Meanwhile, the Authority apologizes for the inconveniences this situation may have caused to our valued customers and further assures them of normal supply as soon as the breakdown maintenance is completed.

We thank our valued customers for their patience and understanding as we seek to serve them better.