The National Council for Civic Education and Development (NACCED) together with the Ministry of Finance unveiled the 2023 citizen’s budget on Wednesday, April 5, 2023, in the conference hall of the Ministry of Finance.

Chairman of the Civic Education and Development Council Kalilu Tutangi gave an overview of the 2023 citizen’s budget that they have been preparing the city’s budget since 2021, 2022, and now 2023.

He added that the purpose of the citizen’s budget is to show people how their citizen’s budget money is produced and how it is spent.

He continued that the people do not know or understand the crucible of how the government prepares a budget, which is all the more why they felt it necessary to prepare a citizen’s budget to convey information to the people.

He thanked the Ministry of Finance for providing the document, which was translated into the 2023 citizen’s budget.

Samuel E.B Momoh, Deputy Secretary for Economic Affairs in the Ministry of Finance, said that over the years, they have been trying to get the financial process very transparent.

He added that the finance minister presented the 2023 budget, which was approved by parliament.

He added that the purpose of the citizen’s budget is to simplify the process so that the common man can understand what are periodic and capital expenditures.

He continued that the citizen’s budget of 2023 is less enriched than the state budget itself.

He said the need for citizens’ budgets is to unite civil society and the media to hold the government accountable.

He confirmed that the government is committed to transparency and accountability in fiscal policy. He revealed that they also had extensive budget discussions with the media and civil society organizations for two weeks, which signals the transparency and accountability of the entire process. (

He continued that the citizens’ budget contains important revenue and expenditure resources. He emphasized that the 2023Citizenn budget is not the sole responsibility of the Ministry of Finance, but was developed by NaCCED with the support of other development partners.

Acting Director of the National Budget, Dr. Ilara Marah, said the 2023 Citizens Budget is a summary guide to the government’s budget that provides simple information on what services the government plans to deliver.

He pointed out that the state budget also talks about where the money comes from and how the funds are used.

It also predicts an improvement in the economy. Dr. Marah said the 2023 budget is estimated at 9.3 billion New Leo. He said that the citizen’s budget, among other things, aims to improve the average income and the national development plan, investments, and salary payments.

He reiterated that the budget includes spending and measures and added that the finance minister is committed to promoting transparency and accountability in the financial sector across the country.

Finally, he confirmed that such fiscal discipline established by the Ministry of Finance improved the transparency and accountability of the state’s financial discipline.