The Fourah Bay College (FBC) University of Sierra Leone has recently seen significant improvements in student living conditions, thanks to the efforts of alumnus and first-year law student Scott Davies, also known as D Rock.

Davies has been instrumental in addressing the chronic water shortage at FBC by funding the installation of boreholes on campus. This initiative has been a game-changer for students residing in campus hostels, ensuring consistent access to clean water.

For years, FBC students faced daily struggles in securing this essential resource, often walking long distances to fetch water. The introduction of boreholes has alleviated these challenges, transforming the daily lives of students. The reliable water supply has not only improved their living conditions but also enhanced their academic experience and overall well-being. With clean water readily available, students can now focus more on their studies without the distraction and stress of water scarcity.

In addition to improving water accessibility, Scott Davies has spearheaded a project to provide solar energy for the university. The installation of solar panels across the campus has significantly reduced FBC’s reliance on the often erratic public electricity supply. This shift to a reliable and sustainable power source supports the university’s operational efficiency, ensuring that essential services and academic activities can continue uninterrupted.

The solar energy project also aligns with global efforts to combat climate change by promoting environmental sustainability. By reducing the university’s carbon footprint, Davies’ initiative contributes to the broader goal of sustainable development and sets a positive example for other institutions.

Scott Davies’ contributions have had a profound impact on the FBC community, showcasing the power of individual initiative in creating lasting change. His dedication to improving student life through access to clean water and sustainable energy has not only addressed immediate needs but also laid the foundation for a more resilient and self-sufficient campus.