FC Kallon’s General Manager, Tunde Scott,  says that the team is preparing to unveil seven players in preparation for their upcoming CAF Confederation Qualifiers against AS Duaones of Niger later this month.

Umaru Bangura and Kwame Quee are among the seven players assigned to enter the team who have both signed short-term agreements with FC Kallon.

Kwame S. Quee has already joined the squad, and Zengallay is expected to join the rest of the team shortly.

It was stated that the team made this decision to bring in these new players to showcase their determination to make it through the group stage of the competition this year.

The team narrowly missed out last season succeeding on qualifying for the group stage due to technical lapses.

Tunde Scott mentioned that the club is planning some friendly matches, with one potentially lined up against Premier League champions Bo Rangers. Such a match will provide valuable practice and preparation for both teams ahead of their respective competitions.

The inclusion of skilled players like Umaru Bangura and Kwame Quee is expected to boost FC Kallon’s lineup, increasing their chances of success in the CAF Confederation Qualifiers.

The team and fans are eagerly anticipating their performance in the upcoming matches. As the unveiling of the new players draws near, FC Kallon’s management and supporters are filled with optimism and enthusiasm for the team’s prospects in the upcoming CAF Confederation Qualifiers