The frustrated FCC Public Space Sweepers demanding for their delayed salaries, have turned the entrance of the Freetown City Council office into a dumpsite. These Street Sweepers used their tricycles (used to collect and throw trash to the various dumpsites) and collected loads of trash and dumped them at the entrance of the FCC Administrative building.

When they were littering the whole place, someone took a video of the occurrence and shared it on Social Media. According to the video, the whole entrance had been filled with trash and people had begun smelling the stench that was coming from the trash.

The person that made the video said that the Street Sweepers demands for their monies and that they want the authorities to intervene into the matter so that they can get their payments for the past three months. the

The Public Space Sweepers have been having delayed salaries since the funding from IOM and EU for the payment of the tricycle groups came to end and the venture was transferred to Freetown City Council (FCC) in February, 2021. Delay of payment started immediately FCC took up the responsibility. It became worst in August 2021 which made the sweepers to stage a peaceful protest in front of FCC building. The delay of payment continues for September and October months. The tricycle youth groups and sweepers had to protest also to receive their salaries.

According to bank details, the sweepers were paid the October salary on 29th December, 2021 after a long battle. Now, the groups are requesting for their November, December and January salaries or else, they will lay down their tools.