Sierra Leone’s President, Julius Maada Bio has asserted that Africa has all it takes to be able to feed itself and great potentials which need to be tapped into in enhancing sustainable development across the continent.

He made this statement at the end of the Dakar 2 Summit, which lasted for three consecutive days with the theme: “Feed Africa: Food Sovereignty and Resilence.

The summit which also created a tendency to attract investors to various countries was presented through different thematic areas, and was hosted by President Macky Sall of Senegal and the AfDB group’s President, Akin Adesina respectively.

Speaking on relative matters during some of the sessions of the summit, President Bio said that, Africa has great potentials which need to be tapped into to enhance sustainable development across the continent.

‘’We have all it takes to be able to feed ourselves in Africa, we now have political sovereignty, but we still do not have food sovereignty. This sort of platform provides unique opportunity for us to share our challenges which is what we have done and also the solutions and how different governments and people have been able to surmount those challenges,’’ he stated.

President Bio further reiterated his commitments to human capital development and how he has worked to ensure certain things applicable in Sierra Leone.

‘’I have been feeding the brain with skills and knowledge that can take these young people to everywhere in the world and succeed now, we need to feed the tummy (food security) and after that through health security, we will take care of the body and when you do that for any human being- you feed the brain, you feed the tummy and take care of this structure he or she is ready to go anywhere and thrive,’’ he maintained.