The leader of Unity Party, Femi Claudius-Cole has blasted the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) of Sierra Leone boss, Francis Ben Kaifala for indicting former president Ernest Koroma as elections get nearer.

She made this statement on social media on Thursday

Claudius-Cole stated that “ACC Sierra Leone boss is now ridiculing the people of Sierra Leone. In four years you only now planning to indict EBK?”

“Why try to destabilize this already divided country when the stench of corruption is all over this government happening in real time. SLPP you failed us,” she added.
Karamoh Kabba of the All Peoples Congress also commented on the issue.

“What is wrong with the questioning of Investigation of real-time corruption? The insistence on previous authorities on frivolous and lame allegation and flimsy charges is a travesty of the quest for accountability and transparency to say the least,” he commented.

Another APC supporter commented that, “No one is saying they shouldn’t but why when election is near. They last interview EBK early last year so why wait till now to indict him? They can use this during campaign time to invite EBK to court so he would not participate during election.”