Matilda Ekan Sonsiama, a prominent Civil Society Activist and feminist, addressed the issue of rising drug addiction among women in Sierra Leone on August 22, 2023, during the government’s weekly press briefing held at the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

During her speech, she highlighted the significant negative impact of this issue, particularly with regard to narcotic drugs like Kush, which are causing disproportionate harm to women in the country as compared to men. Sonsiama expressed concern about the implications for the country’s youth.

Sonsiama emphasized that the problem goes beyond mere consumption, as women are reportedly not only users but also sellers of these drugs across various communities.

This troubling trend, she asserted, sends a worrisome signal and prompted her call on the government to take action against these traders, with a specific focus on those involved in importing such substances.

She further pointed out the alarming percentage of women users in the country and stressed the importance of allocating resources to support their reintegration into their communities in a meaningful and positive way.

Sonsiama urged the government to maintain its unwavering commitment in the fight against drug addiction, particularly focusing on the eradication of Kush, and to swiftly bring those responsible to justice. She believed that such actions would serve as a powerful deterrent to potential offenders and contribute to creating a better future for Sierra Leone.