Feminists United Sierra Leone And Allies has issued a press release on the arrest of opposition party members, especially Femi Claudius Cole.

The press release states that, the arrest of Madam Femi is due to her live Facebook video she was sharing at the moment police officers unwarrantedly besieged her house, which says madam Femi was in solidarity with different women in their frustration over the skyrocketing prices of basic commodities.

The press release also make mention of the leader of National Grand Coalition, Dr. Denis Bright who was also arrested for showing solidarity to Madam Femi in her detention center which they states as a major concern for democracy.

“Among others, the movement considers this and many other prevailing civil arrests by the current political regime as a stoic attempt against the sustainability of our democracy guaranteed by the country’s 1991 Constitution on the right to citizen demonstration and freedom of assembly”.

The statement said the arrest is to silent the vibrant female presidential aspirant, intimidate opposition political parties, and stifling the freedom of speech, association, and assembly.

The press release requested for their release based on their political freedom of expression and assembly.

The press release was ended with a quote “Whenever the nation or society is under tyranny, it is impossible for it to flourish as there is no benefit of claiming to be a democratic state while you are not willing to practice the true virtues of democracy”.