The National Telecommunications Commission of Sierra Leone (NatCA) announces that the ongoing repair work on the ACE (Africa Coast to Europe) fiber optic cable, which began on May 31, 2024, continues to impact internet services.

Sierra Leone and several West African countries are experiencing significant internet disruptions.

The repair work, originally scheduled to be completed on May 31, has been extended. The next phase of repairs will occur on June 1, 2024, starting at 00:01 UTC and concluding at 12:00 UTC. Zoodlabs has implemented alternative traffic routing measures to minimize the impact on Sierra Leone. Although two of the three circuits will be affected, internet service will be maintained through a single route to Cape Town, resulting in some delays but not a complete outage.

“We understand the inconvenience this may cause and have advised our clients accordingly,” stated Zoodlabs. “Our team is available to assist clients and resolve any issues as quickly as possible.”

NatCA and Zoodlabs assure the public that efforts are being made to restore full connectivity and will provide updates as the situation develops.