Former SLPP Member of Parliament for Koinadugu District (2002 to 2007), Hon. Mohamed Fillie Turay, has been heartily readmitted again into the SLPP fold without any pre-condition attached to his re-admission.

Hon. Turay left the SLPP in 2017 and joined the APC party in Koinadugu District and campaigned aggressively against now President Julius Maada Bio and the SLPP.

While welcoming all those members who had at some point in time abandoned the party, the Chairman of SLPP Dr. Alex Prince Harding said; he is happy to welcome home the “prodigal” sons and daughters back into the party where they rightfully belong with open hands.

Adding that, although the line is long in SLPP, but their outputs will determine what they want to become in the party.

Meanwhile, as the SLPP keeps welcoming “returnees and prodigal” sons and daughters back into their party ahead of the 2023 elections, the main opposition APC party is making it more difficult to accept old members who had once left their party for other parties for reasons best known to them.

Politics is about numbers, how do you expect to win an election by expelling and creating draconian laws barring members from joining your party, questioned a senior political analyst.