Hon Lahai Marah of Constituency 042 Falaba District has stated that the Country Public Debt was 30.71 trillion in 2022 explaining that the last government left over the public at 16 trillion.

He made this statement while debating on the presidential Address to Parliament.

He pointed out they should investigate Public Financial Management at the Ministry of Finance because in 2020, they over spent 32.2 billion noting that they (MPs) did not know for what and that the Ministry cannot utilized contingency fund without coming to Parliament.

He went on to say that the audit report indicted both the office of the president and the office of the first Lady misusing over 800 billion, revealing that, there is a money laundering, allegations in the office of the President.

Hon Mohamed festus Lansana of Constituency 015 Kenema explained that in 2018 NRA collected 4.3 trillion and that the revenue generation is growing in the country, noting that US$ 68M has been secured from the Country BADEA funds for the rehabilitation of Milton Margai Technical University, Eastern Polytechnic.

Hon Foday Mario Kamara of Constituency 057 Kambia District said that the Mid Term- Census he was not counted and that the president cannot fulfilled the promises of the people because of the high cost of living, highlighting that Sierra Leone’s  economy has fallen.