Today’s sitting in the House of Parliament is going to be tense one as all eyes will focus on the crucial debate by Members of Parliament on whether to reject or approve the proposed 2022 Public Elections Bill.

The Bill, among other things, seeks to replace the current 2012 Public Elections Act and if approved, will be used in the conduct of future public elections in the country. According to one concerned citizen, Thomas George who spoke to this press, today’s sitting is going to be a make or break affair as far as the future of elec tioneering process is concerned in this country.

He further noted that Parliament’s decision today will be a landmark one that will henceforth change the electoral landscape of this country. As a result of the commotion in Parliament during the last sitting, it is expected that there is going to be a huge security presence within the precinct of Parlia ment in a bid to provide maximum security for lawmakers and peaceful citizens who may want to witness the debate. Members of Parliament from all political parties represented in the House are also expected to flood the Chamber of Parliament for this historic event.

Meanwhile, reports have it that SLPP MPs have been strongly advised not to invite what the opposition considers as thugs in Parliament in a bid to forestall any unforeseen intimidation.

When the proposed 2022 Public Elections Bill was introduced last week by the Leader of Government Business, Hon Mathew Nyuma, MPs from the opposition political parties opposed to it on the grounds that due process was not followed. As a result, the Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Abass Bundu, in his wisdom adjourned the hearing to today’s date to rule as to whether to reject or pass it into law. Ironically and arithmetically, the ruling party and the opposition do not have the required two-third majority to tilt the debate to their sides as 96 MPs account for the said two-third majority in the current Parliament.

Currently the seat allocation in the House stands at APC-59, SLPP-58, C4C-8 and NGC-.

Therefore fort theBill to become law, the ruling SLPP must lobby the NGC, C4C, Paramount Chief MPs plus another eleven MPs from the main opposition APC MPs which to political pundits, is somewhat remote.

Meanwhile, the Clerk of Parliament has, in public notice, issued a stern warning to members of the public wishing to witness today’s parliamentary debate.