The two tense factions in the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) Party have united and joined forces to win the presidential elections come 2023.

Addressing party members, supporters and stakeholders at the APC Party Headquarters in Freetown over the weekend, Alfred Peter Conteh, Chairman of the APC 21-Man Committee reassured the party’s Secretariat of preparedness ahead of lower-level elections, adding that the team’s message now is “One Victory 2023”.

Amidst cheering voices from the jam-packed headquarters, Alfred said it is no secret that there are lots of people within and out of the Party who do not want to see the factions uniting and that there are those people who want to see the APC loose the 2023 elections.

In similar development late last week in Makeni city, Former Chairman and Leader of the APC, Ernest Bai Koroma broke silence on rumors about the APC not contesting in the 2023 elections.

Speaking to the members of the Party and the grassroots supporters, Ernest Bai Koroma started with pleading with them to be calm and patient with everything that is being going on and telling them to be assured that come 2023, they are going to reap the benefit of their patients with celebrations.

He continued that with everything that has being going on, they will get their flagbearer by February 2023, adding that even if they get their flagbearer in May of 2023, the APC will win the elections.

The former chairman and leader concluded his address with the statement: “We are going to say no to an outside dictatorship agency to the APC. Justice is what we fight for and we are going to fight for it in accordance with the laws of the land.”