Big sister salone took a different and good strategy in this year’s selection of her housemates. She thought it fit that it will be better to include different people including albinos as a way to help to encourage them and stop the discriminations against their kind.

This is a part of what this season is gonna be about.  A blend of People with different personalities, likes and perceptions of life to live together as housemates for the same purpose of winning the star price.

The fifth roommate is called Warrah Mohamed Dainkeh alias Waralistic Warrah, of TEAMSAYNOTODISCRIMINATION.

Warrah Mohamed Dainkeh is a 24 years old albino advocate who is a volunteering welfare outreach officer of the Sierra Leone Association of Persons with Albinism (SLAPWA) which seeks to advocate for Rights, Respect and Dignity of People with Albinism in Sierra Leone. She is lovely and beautiful in her own way. Warah is different stands for what she believes in. she is not that fancy type and doesn’t seem to care about dress sense. Her hobbies are

Her bestie is Elizabeth Martha Squire. She is like a sister to her and has been with her through thick and thin and she got her back too.

She is a nice and sweet Person with Albinism but sometimes crazy which makes people stare at them anytime they are walking or playing together. Her hobbies are to sing, dance and to spend time at the beach.