five out of the twelve suspects being held at the Kambia police detention facility managed to break free last evening, according to reliable sources. The incident unfolded during a routine head count carried out by police officers during a shift change.

Reports suggest that the suspects resorted to an appalling tactic, throwing human excreta at the officers conducting the head count. Taking advantage of the chaotic situation, five of the detainees, including an individual known as Semaron (also identified as “Sexy Bee”), successfully fled from custody. However, the swift response of law enforcement resulted in the recapture of seven of the escapees.

As of now, it remains uncertain whether any of the suspects who were apprehended in connection with drug trafficking allegations on Wednesday were among those who managed to escape. Authorities are actively investigating the matter to determine if there is any link between the two incidents.

Despite efforts to gather information, the Police Media Officer for the Kambia Police Division has chosen not to comment on the situation