Last week descendants from Pujehun district from all works of life including Chiefs, Members of Parliament, Ministers, Deputies, Councilors,and other political appointees embarked on a three-day retreat for a five years Education Plan and revenue mobilization.

The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), Dr. David Moinina Sengeh, who happens to be a descendant of Pujenhun District called on all the stakeholders to help transform education in the country.

“We need all stakeholders to transform education. Last weekend, all paramount chiefs, parliamentarians, councilors, Principals, some head teachers, school management committees, and board of governors all came to develop a 5-yr education transformation plan in Pujehun. Amazing!” Minister Sengeh stated.

The three days retreat did not come as a surprise as the district has been involved in robust educational structures like the restructuring and support to Pujehun District Student Association (PUDSA) and such support has yielded a dividend as we saw the district after many years having over 40 students with university requirements in the 2021 WASSCE examination.


“I am extremely grateful to everyone who has worked hard to make this come across. Hon Dickson Rogers was the first person to buy the idea and shape it – thank you. From that moment on, the retreat and all other activities have been primarily led by various local stakeholders, including the District Council Chairman,” David Sengeh stated.

“Will we do this in other districts? Absolutely. Over the last two years, I have travelled to every district, and we will do the same this year. Not every district will launch a Trust Fund or have a multi-day retreat, but we will encourage each to develop an education transformation plan. And whether I go or not, my team will. Thanks to all MBSSE and TSC staff working round the clock across the country to improve education,” he added.

About 300 people including all paramount chiefs, councillors, and MPs were either presented or represented; 4 ministers from the District showed up with an additional one from Port Loko; students; teachers; parents; WAEC; NaMED, etc.