Over five hundred people who were seriously affected by the September 16th 2015 flooding yesterday converge at OAU Drive in Freetown to register their disappointment and frustration to the President over the manner in which they have been abandoned at both the Siaka Steven Stadium and the Attouga Mini Stadiums.

The people alleged that only twenty heads of family were taken and relocated to mile six contrary to the promises made by government to serve as a possible and suitable settlement for all victims.

“On sunday, we were thrown out of the Stadium main bowl by those planning to take over for trade fair exhibition. We slept out in the street at around law court building. Government promised us with a parkage, of four hundred thousands leones but to no avail”, the victims charted.

The also accused government of given them tattered used clothes and sub-Standard foods. The informed the press that government has deceived them by making express promises with regarding their relocation with no intentions to fulfill it.

“Even the four hundred thousands Leones parkage they promised is not forthcoming and we are seriously suffering” they said.

They said they were informed by government officials that the accommodation at mile six is not enough for them all and therefore suggested that they should start looking for shelter elsewhere.

They also accused the government for not providing good health and sanitation systems for them at both stadium.

According to sources, the said site which government promised to construct permanent structures turn out to be a corrogated iron sheet (54Pambodie structures) with no toilet facilities, no hospitals, no mosque and churches.

When two of the representatives of the victims were summoned at State House by the President, upon their return, the special adviser to the President Alhaji Siaka Kamara told the victims to return back to the said Stadium and promised that government will get on to them.

Meanwhile, its unclear whether government officials visited the Stadium as at press time.