FOCUS 1000 has engaged sierra Leonean bloggers, social media Influencers, mainstream media personalities & youths on the need to encourage people to take the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Speaking at the training, CEO of FOCUS 100, Alhaji Bailoh Jalloh, appreciated attendees for showing up for the event, stating that bloggers have a great role to play in entreating Sierra Leoneans to take the VACCINE.

“I have taken the vaccine. My family too has taken the vaccine. We’re still safe. Nothing happened with us. The vaccine is safe. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have taken it,” CEO of FOCUS 1000 stated.

Mr. Jalloh encouraged Sierra Leoneans to take the VACCINE, adding that Bloggers and youths must share accurate information to help people know the importance of the vaccine.

“The VACCINE gives you immunity against the virus. That is, when you take it, it protects you from the virus,” Mr. Jalloh added.

The training hosted a number of popular loggers, like Sierra Leone Herald Blog, Hamza 4 Salone, Sierra Leone Promoter’s Union, Omega Blog and many others.