President Julius Maada Bio has encouraged Sierra Leoneans to focus on Agricultural activities in the country.

The president said this in a visit he made to one of his farms where he grows rice.

He encouraged Sierra Leoneans to embark on farming as the country was fertile for agriculture and if the citizens put their focus on agriculture they would be able to feed themselves instead.

“I am encouraging all Sierra Leoneans for us to grow our food and other agricultural products not just rice, products like Cassava,” he said.

He added that as a country it was shameful that it fought for internationally grown rice like the Chinese Rice, Pakistanis Rice, Indian Rice, and the likes when the country had such fertile soil, plentiful rain, and water.

And the country he said had no business importing rice if the citizens are into agriculture.

He said most Sierra Leoneans usually complain about the price of rice is high, and there were all these lands with rich soil available for agriculture.

He said when you encourage foreigners to grow your crops on your behalf it’s the price that the foreigners want to sell they would sell to the public and the government has no hands in the pricing of such goods.

Am appealing to everyone starting from ministers to the ordinary man to put some attention to agriculture, because even I consume agricultural produce from morning to night and it was important the placed attention to.

He discouraged the thought of people looking down on others that are involved in agriculture saying agriculture was for everyone.

And he as the president was involved in Agriculture.