Sierra Leone’s former Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh has accused former President Ernest Bai Koroma of tribal incitement.

Victor Foh made this statement during his declaration to join the ruling SLPP in Kono on Sunday 30th April 2023.

He also expressed dissatisfaction over alleged tribal provocation against the Mende ethnic group to which he belongs adding that such provocations were being organized by former Ernest Bai Koroma.

“I am fed up with the tribal provocations against the Mende ethnic group. Frankly, those tribal provocations were orchestrated by my former boss, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma. Those tribal provocations are not healthy for a developing country like Sierra Leone. President Julius Maada Bio’s-led government has been very inclusive. President Bio, who is from the south, is the head of the Executive, Dr. Abass Bundu, who is from the north and the Temne ethnic group, is the head of the Legislature, and a Creole from the Western Region, Hon. Chief Justice Babatunde Edwards, is the head of the Judiciary. Can you say the same for the Ernest Bai Koroma-led government? The answer is a definite no,” he said.

He said he was the one that convinced former President Ernest Koroma to leave his former political party which was the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to join the All People’s Congress (APC) party, under whose symbol he later became president in 2007-2018 and Hon. Victor Bockarie Foh became his vice from 2015-2018.

“I was put on death penalty for the APC. I was humiliated by the APC. My properties were seized for the APC. I sacrificed everything I have for the APC to come back to power in 2007. I was the strategist for all the elections that APC won in this country. Former President Ernest Bai Koroma did not suffer any loss for the APC but he is the one that has destroyed the APC,” he fearlessly said in Kono.

He continued that he is not joining the SLPP fit a job because he is now an old man but he is joining the SLPP to advise the young politicians.

“I am publicly apologizing for what the APC has done to the Mende ethnic group including all the disturbances they have caused for President Bio’s-led government,” he apologized.

He urged his audience to vote for President Bio and all SLPP candidates in the June 24, 2023, multitier elections, adding that anyone that votes for the APC in the forthcoming elections is an enemy of the state.

“I like the ways of President Bio. He has excelled because he has been working nationally rather than regionally. He has been thinking of equal opportunities rather than tribal provocations. If he would not have been a peaceful man, he would have roped all APC thieves in the former government for corruption,” he said.