The Foreign Affairs Minister, David John Francis has supported a three-day non-violence, awareness raising and sensitization campaign in Kenema city ahead of the June 24th general elections.

The Minister gave  the support through the Fidential Bailor Bah Foundation (FBBF) which was the implementing body that drives the process of having youths sensitized on non-violence and how they should be very useful not only to the district but the country at large, which was made practical on the 25th, 26th and 27th May, 2023.

In his statement, the founder and executive director for the foundation, Fidential Bailor Bah, disclosed that, the campaign was a way to broadly educate members of the public on nonviolence related matters and a way of embracing peace in order to maintain a peaceful coexistence before, during and after the elections with the underlining theme of “Promoting Non-Violent Conversation Through Education Before, During and After Elections for National Cohesion and Quality Democracy”.

He encouraged the citizens of Kenema and the Eastern Region to channel all grudges and grievances to the appropriate authorities for action and also advised all authorities to treat all complaints swiftly and fairly.

He noted that, the campaign has to be carried out continuously at different communities to ensure the goal is achieved as well as using different radio stations including the social media to strengthen the zeal at which the youths can be engaged as was communicated by Fidential Mamadu Bailor Bah.