The Former All People Congress (APC) Party strongman, Who doubles as former Public Secretary 1, who later defected to the Sierra Leone People Party, Hon. Robin Faley, has endorsed the Proportional Representation (PR) System or District Block System that was been pronounced and ordered by President Julius Maada Bio and the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone, respective, for the conduct of the 2023 elections.

According to Hon. Faley, the PR System being a system that describes an electoral system in which the distribution of seats in Parliament corresponds closely with the proportion of the total votes cast for each political party or individuals is a unique system.

He said that, the system is vitally key as necessary and reasonable option in their present democratic process. Adding that it does not only provide for inclusive governance and national cohesion, but will also enable a greater variety of candidates to be elected and also even allow more sober minded minority parties to gain representation in Parliament.

He said, the PR System offers alternatives to the Fast Post and other voting systems that tend to be bias in favor of larger political parties or groups, adding that the PR System tends to offer a better chance of representation to smaller parties, groups or even independent candidates.

He opined that, the PR System create fair treatment of minority parties and independent candidates emphasizing that under the PR System, few votes are wasted as more people’s preferences are considered since it potentially offers greater and more representative choice to them.

He forecasted that if the PR System is effectively used it would reduce government spending of tis limited resources on bye elections for which he admonished the various political parties in the country to fully accept the decision of the Chairman fo the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone as mandated by the Constitution of the country.

Hon. Faley further noted that political parties, particularly the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party should carefully listen to the views of the various constituents when preparing their party list of selected representatives.
He added that, the choices of the people with the caliber to provide effective and efficient representation are captured with the PR System so as to avoid weakening Parliamentary representation and Link between the MP’s and their constituents.

Hon. Faley continued on to disclosed that, the PR System encourages majority for one political party and would provide room for a greater consensus in policymaking. He reminded his former party, the APC, to stop complaining, and further advised them to go back to the drawing board for the party executive members to start putting the party together for future elections.

“This is because, since the 2023 general elections is a non-starter but an election that twill be won with landslide victory by President Bio,” he registered.

The former Minister of Parliament for Constituency 007 in Kailahun District, who is on record as one of the best Parliamentary debaters in the history of the Sierra Leone Parliament, was a strong and popular former Publicity Secretary for the main opposition APC party.