The Former Manager Of Skye Bank has appeared before Magistrate Mark Ngegba on the murder matter between himself and the state.

He is before Magistrate Mark Ngegba of Pademba Road Court No.1 in Freetown on three count charges of conspiracy to murder, contrary to Section 4 of the offences against the person act, 1861, murder and preventing the cause of justice contrary to the law.

From the particulars of the offence, on different dates between the 15th – 16th October 2022 at Leicester village in the Western Area of Freetown, he is accused to have conspired with other persons unknown to murder Sinnah Kai Kargbo.

The prosecution on the above matter has docked nine witnesses including the medical doctor Mohamed Aly Bangura attached to Connaught and shaman hospitals who narrated what he discovered when the deceased was taken to Shuman hospital.

They also docked the ninth prosecution witness detective inspector Mathew Abdul Karim Vangahun identified six female dresses and underwear, Samsung mobile phone, one bedspread and two pillow case and handed over to him during the cause of the investigation and shortly after the matter was mentioned for further hearings, the substantive prosecutor Ahmed J.M Bockarie was not in court.

Amadu Jalloh another state council soughed the bench’s leave, adding that he has confided with the defence.

Magistrate Mark Ngegba adjourned the matter to the 27th February, 2023.