Former SLPP honorable member of Parliament, Ansumana Jaia Kaikai has been announced dead.

According to reports, honorable Kaikai died in the US on 24th December, 2021.

Honorable Alhaji Ansumana Jaia Kaikai is an SLPP politician and the former Deputy Minority Leader of Sierra Leone past Parliament.

He was an elected member of Parliament from Pujehun District, representing constituency 87.

He was a prominent member of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and was also the Parliamentary Chairman of the Privileges and Ethics Committee.

Late Honorable Ansumana Kaikai was among those members of Parliament who advocated for a rethink of the Safe Abortion Act while calling for more sensitization on the Bill.

He was one of the longest serving members of SLPP MPs in Parliament who during the 2018 declared his intention to run for SLPP flagbearer ship but couldn’t get it unfortunately.