Fourah Bay College, part of the University of Sierra Leone, has published a list of students alleged to be involved in recent disturbances on campus. This announcement follows a notice issued on June 6, 2024, which promised a more detailed list of students connected to the violence.

The Deputy Registrar, Brima Batti, released the list on June 7, 2024. The named students and their respective programs include:

  1. Mohamed Bokum, ID 36178 – LLB 4
  2. Samuel Fofanah, ID 31650 – LLB 3
  3. Moses Beyase Sesay, ID 37580 – LLB 4
  4. Mohamed Sheka Sesay – B.A. (Politics) Year 4
  5. Victor S. Conteh, ID 30996 – LLB 4
  6. James Ngobeh – LLB 3
  7. Lansana Bangura, ID 31616 – LLB 4
  8. Moses Useni Blake, ID 36175 – LLB 4
  9. Alex Button – LLB 1
  10. Anointed Frank Saidu – LLB 4

The college administration has indicated that this list is not final. Additional names will be released as further verifications are completed. The college’s Discipline Committee will commence hearings on Monday, June 10, 2024. Students identified for hearings will receive specific information regarding the time and venue from the Secretary to the Committee.

In light of these developments, the Deputy Registrar urged all bona fide students to continue their normal activities and to disregard any false information about class cancellations.

The disturbances, which have prompted this investigation, have raised significant concerns within the college community. The administration’s response underscores its commitment to maintaining order and addressing any actions that disrupt campus life.

The situation continues to develop as the college conducts its verifications and disciplinary hearings. Students and staff are advised to stay informed through official channels to avoid misinformation.

This incident at Fourah Bay College highlights the challenges educational institutions face in balancing student activism and maintaining campus order. The outcome of the forthcoming hearings will be closely watched as it may set a precedent for handling similar issues in the future.

Fourah Bay College, one of the leading institutions in Sierra Leone, remains focused on ensuring a safe and conducive environment for academic pursuits despite the recent disruptions. The administration’s prompt action reflects its dedication to upholding the college’s standards and values.