The Fourah Bay College Muslim Jamaat is a legally existing body on campus which is primarily focus on promoting Islam diligently and discouraging brutality on campus.

This current executive headed by the Honorable Chief Imam, Abdulai Alpha Turay, and the President, Gibril M. Sesay has made tremendous progress in promoting the good image of the Jamaat.

Among the developments made were the inter-faculty Quran, quiz, poetry and presentation competition program organized by the Jamaat on the 25th of August, 2022 at the multi-purpose hall, FBC.


This said programme was sponsored by the Rokel commercial Bank, Sierra Leone.

Owing to the above, the Jamaat extends thanks and appreciation in presenting this citation to the Rokel commercial Bank.ย  A special citation was presented to the Rokel commercial Bank, FBC outlet.

The FBC Muslim Jamat further extends their deepest gratitude to the manager of Rokel Commercial Bank, FBC outlet, Mrs. Adama Thomas and her entire team for their relentless efforts in pursuing their proposal to the finance manager.

Corporate social responsibility helps a company be socially accountable to itself, its Stakeholders and the public or community it is established. In this way, the business owes the community their support in developmental projects within the area of its establishment. It is a conscious kind of impact the company has on all aspects of society, including economic, social and environmental.

in regards to corporate social responsibility, Rokel Commercial Bank, FBC outlet, has shown tremendous contributions over the welfare if students in and out of the campus. Among their good deeds in record, FBC Muslim Jamat commends the institution for outstanding performance in its area of establishment and supporting their just concluded project.

“We want to use this opportunity to thank the management of Africell and the Engineering society at FBC for their technical supports.” FBC Muslim Jamat Imam mentioned.