One of Sierra Leone’s popular musicians, Atical Foyoh has given his humble take on the matter involving fellow musician, Boss LA, who is behind bars, and talks around him making rounds on social media.

In his statement backed up with a song, Foyoh made a plea stated that, Boss LA cannot be a thief. He added the rapper is innocent of the crime he is currently suffering for.

His statement reads as follows:

‘’To err is human to forgive is divine. It is a truism that our brother has suffered the brunt of a crime certainty tells me in no small volume that he is not guilty of. I stake my life on the line, LAJ can never be a thief! I have known him too long enough to believe that he could steal from anyone. No LAJ can ever get indulged in such nonsensical nonsense! 

When he was held in detention from the inception, I was amongst the first few musicians that visited him, I was in constant touch with LAJ, and I used all of my social media handles to keep his fans and every Sierra Leonean updated about his matter, and with equal efforts, I joined Alieu Melody challenge, another brother, to advocate on LAJ’s behalf with a song we gleefully titled “Una Free LAJ Please”. But to my greatest surprise LAJ with his ambiguous ego said I should stay off his matter. I was at a constant loss to know why this brother said I should not get myself involved in his matter. Thus, in colossal disgust, I showed a clean pair of heels on this issue. But I can in no way allow my anger to overwhelm me, rather I wish to crave the indulgence of every entertainer in this country to join hands in glove with the office of Entertainment Ambassador, to kindly plea with the government and the judiciary to kindly tamper justice with mercy on behalf of a brother who is also a positive citizen of our great republic. LAJ might have been a deviant but truth be told, with this experience I am very certain he would have changed for the better to be a law-abiding citizen. Please colleagues, let us drop the ego and allow love to reign. This ugly circumstance can befall any of us, and we will expect likewise to happen. 

To LAJ, you have a good heart, but your ego has almost always scared away good people from you. At times it is a must that we use reasons before emotions. Drop the ego and let us unanimously ask for your freedom. If we all (entertainers) speak with one voice I am very certain LAJ’s freedom would be evident’’.

He ended his submission by making a strong view of not making any further statements on the said issue until the right thing is done.

‘’I shall not write or say a word on this issue again until the needful is done!’’

Watch video below: