Sierra Leone’s Anti Corruption commissioner has celebrated his Daughter’ success in the just released National primary school Examination (NPSE) Result by presented her with a Brand New Phone.

Anti Corruption Commissioner Francis Ben Kaifala has celebrated his daughter who made it Among the top 10 in the NPSE by presenting her with a brand New Samsung Phone. The commissioner took to Social media to share the moment with his followers by posting a picture of his daughters with the brand New Samsung phone

In his post Francis Kaifala said

“She kept her promise. . .Daddy’s pocket was immediately under attack to keep his own. She wanted a Samsung phone of her choice if she keeps within the top 10 at NPSE. She delivered; I delivered. Fair bargain”

This was followed by some reaction from his followers wherein one of his followers on Facebook replied

“I prefer u bought her a car and provide her a driver than giving her a Ben don’t give that little girl a phone. She will have less time now with her book. Social media will take charge .not to talk of the other side”

But the commissioner swiftly replied

” I have learnt not to fight against the era but to flow with it. So I built in restrictive codes as to what she can do or not do with it. Phones are now more than mere social media tools they are early universities”

“I love when my daughter calls to say “I love you daddy”. It is sweeter on the phone.. But I also feel safe when she can call to say “Daddy, the driver has not yet come”. It’s a safety tool”