The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof. David Francis has said that Sierra Leone will reap several benefits from membership of the UN Security Council.

Speaking on AYV’s Wake up Sierra Leone Programme, Minister Francis said the country will benefit from international visibility.

“When you are in the UN Security Council, you have international visibility – the whole world their eyes are on you,” he said.

He added that the membership will also add powers to Sierra Leone with the ability to influence global peace and security. He said the membership will position Sierra Leone a country that other countries will listen to.

“Secondly, this small country Sierra Leone is going to be transformed into a big player because we will be in that room together with America (the US), France, United Kingdom, China, Russia and all the other members; we will be in that room to make decisions on all issues relating to international peace and security,” the Foreign Minister said.

He stated that the tiny West African nation will be among the peace brokers in the world contributing to global peace in troubled region in the world.

He said Sierra Leone will also be “the pen holder” a position that projects the country will be courted by everyone. He added that it will opportune the country to have the position of the presidency of the council.

“When Sierra Leone was member of the council in 1971 under Prime Minister Siaka Stevens and Foreign Minister Solomon Pratt, we added on the agenda for Government of the People’s Republic of China to come back and take their legitimate role,” Francis said.

He said it was because of that that China constructed the National Stadium, Youyi Building and more recently the Foreign Service Academy.

He said other members of the council have benefitted financially from the international council.