Housemates contestant Franklyn has today Sunday 29th May 2022, on the Housemates Salone eviction week 1 clears the air on people thoughts of him having s8x with Munah Mimi Zayat.ย 

This was as a result of a trending caught on camera video that went viral where Franklyn and Mimi were on the same bed cover under the duvet. Looking the video, Franklyn was inside the duvet with Mimi and there were suspicious movement that seemed they were having s8x right under the blankets. There movements of back and forth with Franklyn at the back side of Mimi.

This the fans and supporters of the Housemates Salone season 3 show alleged that they were having s8x as a result of the movements spotted. Some proofs to support the claim was that, the contestants switched off the lights in the room but unknowingly to them that the cameras have the capacity to switch to night vision mode and pick up everything that happens even when the lights are off.

On Sunday 29th May 2022, the 1st week of eviction, Franklyn was questioned by Prominent MC, Phebean Swill over the video and he blatantly denied the allegations. According to him, what people had and others still have in their minds over the video is not correct. He claimed that the only reason for him being with Mimi that night on the bed was just for the sake of keeping her company and nothing else.

When he was asked what happened that night with Mimi Zayat, Franklyn disclosed and affirmed that, he was just cuddling Mimi while she was sleeping and nothing really happened as how people think of it. “I was just cuddling her…” Franklin affirmed.

This reaction of Franklyn has got the fans and supporters perplexed as they could not believe Franklyn could fabricate such story after all the shakings that they saw on the televisions and mobile devices. “Mimi and Franklyn under the covers, but I am minding my business” prominent MC Phebean Swill stated.