Mohamed Fofana, who was second-in-command after the late Foday Government Wharf of the All Peoples Congress (APC) in Constituency 107, last weekend defected to the main opposition Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP) at a colourful ceremony at King Jimmy in central Freetown.

Mr. Fofana said he is happy to leave the APC, claiming that he is indeed from the north but he is gladly at home among the SLPP, thanks to Hon. Alpha Timbo, the person who has inspired him beyond all measure.

“The Agenda for prosperity of the APC is all about rum,” he claimed amidst thunderous applause.

“They don’t use the youths to be educated at all, except to buy us rum. And look around and tell me which clubs and bars are running, it is only those belonging to the APC.”

He said the SLPP is a ‘kombra’ party, one that is interested in youth empowerment and development, especially in capacitating them unlike the APC that only gives out a handful of positions to youths and say they have empowered the youths.

He ended by making an appeal to the entire membership of the party.

“I am appealing to the entire membership to unite and kick out the APC-that set of corrupt people with no desire except to enrich themselves. It is true, their agenda for prosperity is only for themselves,” he said.