The General-Manager of the SUMMA Construction Company, Arif Erdem Arikan, has officially announced that the New Freetown International Airport, situated in Lungi, would make a turnover of over 1.2 million passengers every year.

During an inspection tour, the Director-General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Dr Samuel Gibao noted that the senior management team thought it prudent to visit to the cite in order for them to confirm the supposed facilities for the customs operations upon completion of the airport.

He further expressed his utmost satisfaction regarding the rapid pace at which the modernization of the airport is ongoing, stating that he is more than pleased, particularly, for the unique customs facility of the new airport.

The DG noted that the different facilities in the airport match with the standards for all international airports in the world.

The Airport Management further disclosed that, the new airport undergoing a massive facelift would also have internationally recognised facilities, such as scanners and x-ray and storage facilities.

The Airport Management pledged its best in ensuring that, the new airport matches best standards.