In response to the prevailing curfew measures in Freetown, the ferry schedule for commuters traveling between Freetown and Lungi has undergone adjustments.

This alteration aims to accommodate the necessary changes in public transportation to align with the city’s curfew regulations.

As of the latest update, commuters relying on the ferry service can anticipate a modified schedule. The first ferry is now scheduled to depart at 8:30 AM, providing an early morning option for those needing to reach their destinations.

The second ferry is set to operate at 2:00 PM, offering a midday alternative for commuters. The third and final ferry of the day is slated for 6:00 PM, ensuring that individuals have ample time to complete their journeys before the commencement of the curfew.

These schedule adjustments are a proactive response to the current circumstances, prioritizing the safety and convenience of the ferry passengers. It reflects a collaborative effort between the transportation authorities and the community to navigate the challenges posed by the curfew while maintaining essential connectivity.

Commuters are advised to plan their travels accordingly, taking into consideration the updated ferry timetable. Authorities encourage adherence to the designated departure times to facilitate a smooth and efficient transportation process during these challenging times.

Further updates or modifications to the schedule will be communicated promptly to keep the public informed and ensure a seamless commuting experience for all ferry users.