The Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority has  informed the general public that in partnership with the Electricity Generation and Transmission Company (EGTC), it will embark on its routine annual maintenance activity on the Bumbuna Hydro Electric Power Dam starting on Monday 13th May at 07:00hrs and end on 23rd May, 2024 at 15:00hrs.

Consequently, the Contractor “We build” and EGTC responsible for the operation of Bumbuna, will shut down the Hydro Plant in order to maintenance the various components of the Dam in preparation for an effective operation of the Dam during the rains and also to prolong its lifespan.

During the maintenance activity, power supply from Bumbuna to Makeni, Magburaka and Freetown will cease for a period of Ten (10) days. This will therefore affect the supply chain, especially for residents in Makeni and Magburaka.

However, the Authority will ensure that Karpowership increases on its generated capacity to close the gap created as a result of Bumbuna shutdown. Freetown shall continue to get supply from the Karpowership.

The Authority regrets the inconvenience this situation may cause particularly in Makeni and Magburaka and further calls on all consumers to exercise patience during this period while assuring affected residents of a stable, reliable, and sustainable electricity supply upon completion