Sierra Leone may be on the brink of another fuel crisis, with reports surfacing that only one petrol company has readily available fuel.

Checks by Sierraloaded on Friday show that numerous filling stations across Freetown and some other districts were closed, leading to long queues at the few outlets with petrol (PMS).

This scarcity caused a spike in transportation fares in some areas, as drivers with access to fuel capitalized on the situation.

Investigations indicate a shortage in PMS supply to various fuel companies, forcing them to shut down their stations. Currently, NP Sierra Leone (NP-SL) appears to be the sole company with accessible fuel, operating all its stations nationwide.

The lack of involvement from other major fuel companies during this shortage has left many Sierra Leoneans bewildered. The public is calling for the Petroleum Regulatory Agency and the government to investigate the cause of the supply constraints and implement measures to ease the situation.

This potential fuel crisis comes amidst an ongoing energy crisis in the country. Just last week, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Energy, Kanja Sesay, resigned following weeks of power outages. The government placed the Ministry under the direct supervision of President Julius Maada Bio, assisted by two additional officials.

The reliance on a single company for fuel supply has sparked anxieties about the stability and efficiency of the country’s fuel distribution system.