In a recent development, several fuel stations have reportedly declined sales to customers, citing uncertainty over fuel price adjustments.

Reports indicate that these stations have opted to remain closed until an official announcement is made by the government regarding any potential price changes.

The decision to withhold fuel sales comes in the wake of growing speculation surrounding an imminent increase in the price of fuel. Presently set at Nle 25, the current price has raised concerns among consumers and businesses alike.

While the government has not yet confirmed any alterations to the fuel price, these reports of stations refraining from sales are indicative of the apprehension within the fuel industry.

Adding to the intrigue, an unconfirmed press release has been circulating, stating that the government has raised the fuel price from Nle 25 to Nle 30. This unverified information has added to the uncertainty, further fueling discussions about potential economic impacts and consumer reactions.

As citizens eagerly await an official statement from the government regarding the fuel price, the situation remains fluid. The closure of fuel stations and the reluctance to sell fuel underlines the delicate balance between market forces and government policy decisions. Stakeholders are keenly observing the developments, keeping a close eye on how this situation unfolds in the coming days.