Famous Musician, Fyn Face has accused  Big Sierra Leonean Artists of bad heart and lack of helping hands to up coming musicians in the entertainment industry.

Fyn Face made this statements on a recent live video that went viral on the internet. He cited Big names in Sierra Leone Music industry like Camouflage, K-Man, LAJ , Emmerson, Gee Milan and others who cannot boast of any Artist they have uplifted.

He lauded Kao Denero’s recent Back to My Roots initiative and throws shots at LAJ’s recent reaction to the upcoming event. Fyn face further expressed his frustration over the CEO of borderline entertainment Camouflage of being hypocritical. He justified that Camouflage used to come to his house and access his music studio.

He further stated that camouflage reached out to him for Featuring, however Camouflage later went on social media with a post asking his fans about his intention of featuring Fyn Face. He believes that Camouflage does such hypocritical act to expose him to ridicule.

Fyn face emphasized on the Bad Heart in the Sierra Leone Entertainment. He believes that there are Sierra Leoneans that have been at the top for quite a long time  without creating no platforms for upcoming artists to shine.

Fyn face further  stated in the said video that  since his comeback and decision to change his name to Fyn Face in the  music industry , many artists have been fighting him, trying to tarnish his hard earned reputation in the Music industry.

He boast of his successes in the entertainment industry like endorsement deals with Rokel Commercial Bank, Star TV, Gigibonta and the 21 stand and 21 artists that he successfully organized. Fyn Face also confirms that he has built a house and further bought two cars. from the music trade.