Sierra Leone artist Fynface has in a video reveals that he is one of the few artists that First Lady Fatima Bio is following and also watching his life.

Fynface made this comment in one of his live session adding that The First Lady and Big Sister CEO Zainab Sheriff are his favourite ad they are women of substance who doesn’t depend on a man to become successful

He further that celebrating the First Lady has nothing to do with politics, but because of tremendous effort in developing initiatives that are centred towards helping other women in the country, the same he said goes for Zainab Sheriff.

While sipping on his Martini, fynface also disclosed that when he was coming up some ladies will ask for 5 or 10 million from a man just for a birthday party, but they will be living in a Zinc house (Pan body).

He said if a woman asked him for money to organise a birthday bash that will be the end

A woman should ask for money to empower and develop herself and not organise her birthday just to impress friends,” he said

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