Information Minister from The Gambia, Ismailia Ceesay together with his team have embarked on a visit to his counterpart of Sierra Leone.

Ceesay visit is to exchange experiences and capacity-building sessions on information studies, focusing on best practices and innovation in information dissemination.

To familiarize himself with happenings, Ceesay joined the weekly press briefing organized by the Ministry of Information at the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Freetown on Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

Ceesay articulated the significance of his visit, citing his inspiration from Juliana Gandi, a Sierra Leonean he encountered in Ghana, who spoke highly of the Ministry of Information. He expressed his intention to emulate Sierra Leone’s positive initiatives, aiming to construct a new information architecture to amplify the government’s agenda.

During his presentation, Ceesay outlined their proposed strategies, emphasizing a two-way approach to enhance accountability, transparency, and consolidate democracy in The Gambia.

“Our objective is to comprehend the legal framework within the information value chain and facilitate access to information for the people of The Gambia,” Ceesay explained.

Reflecting on his personal connection to Sierra Leone, Ceesay mentioned his previous visit to the country during the 1990s when he attended the Albert Academy Senior Secondary School in Freetown.

Originally planning to travel to Kenya for their study tour, Ceesay noted the decision to visit Sierra Leone was influenced by the country’s reputation for fostering innovative approaches to information dissemination and governance.