Popular Mayoral Aspirant, Mohamed Gento Kamara has apologized to Sierra Leoneans in a local Television program over his recent religious statement that sparks condemnation.

In his said apology to the the public, the Politician stated: “If anyone misunderstood my message in the mosque and thought that I am preaching religious tension, Yes! I am sorry but that not what I intended”

Earlier, Gento offered prayers at the Kissy Road Mosque in Freetown where he made a religious statement that sparked controversy and received wide condemnation from SLAJ, Civil Society organisations and members of the public.

In the said statement, Gento started by referring to the Krio people as their brothers and sisters but expressed strong interest that this time around they need the Mayoral position. He added that his quest for the Mayoral position is devoid of political interests. He begs the people as this is the month of Ramadan, and prays for the congregation present to the highest of heaven.

He further revealed that despite his philanthropism over the years, he never thought he would come into politics to aspire for the Mayoral position.

He justified his aspirations as a result of what he described as advantage. He further emphasized that they as Muslims love the Christians and his running mate will be a Christian.

However, he pointed out that many Muslim brothers and sisters are leaving mosques to go to churches because they believe they will secure jobs. He added that as Muslims they respect the Christians in the country but a majority of the unemployed people in the country are Muslims.

He reminded the congregation that Allah will one day ask them “What is the Jihad they have fought for the religion”, he stated.
He noted that Muslims will not be asked about their political parties but how they serve their religion. He pointed out that his philanthropism to the various mosques is a way to find his Aljannah (Heaven)

He further referenced the Holy Quran that Allah Said that anybody that recites the “Khalimah” Muslims should consider him as a brother.