The media team of the SLPP Mayoral aspirant Mohamed Gento Kamara has responded to the APC and Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) after condemning a message from Gento in a Mosque referring to it as a religious sentiment message.

Responding to the APC and SLAJ in a press release, they stated that both the APC and SLAJ messages are misreading and misinterpretation of the content stating that they fail to watch the entire video to understand the context.

While addressing SLAJ in the press release, they stressed that the general public should be informed that when reacting to a video of such nature, the principles of fairness in journalism must be respected.

In their response to the APC, they noted that building hills out of moles are not going to win them (APC) votes adding that Gento is a deeply religious man.

The release also made mention of the fact that Gento’s wife is an ardent Christian and his mother is a devout pastor which shows how respectful he is to the Christians and Krios.

Read the press release below: