Sierra Leone Police (SLP) have arrested Alfred Dieter, a German citizen at the Lungi International Airport after he tried to leave the country with  82 million Leones and a huge sum of Liberian currency.

The man was intercepted at the airport after he made attempt to leave the country with 82 million Leones and large quantity of Liberia currency in coins.

According to the police, the foreign national was arrested after he made enquiries at the airport about the possibility of him travelling out the country with the said currencies.

During the investigation, Alfred informed the police that the money is his and that he withdrew it at the United Bank for Africa (UBA) before leaving for the airport.

Joshua Moisa, a senior police officer said that it was a team of policemen, the Office of National Security and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) that apprehended the foreign national with the said currencies.

Quite recently, authorities at the airport were also able to arrest a man with a Sierra Leonean and two Lebanese passports at the airport. The man was found in possession of huge amounts of Pounds Sterling, Euros and Dollars.