The German government, through the German Development Fund, has connected Gbesseh and Sando Chiefdoms in Kono District with a 64.9-meter bridge, significantly improving the lives of residents who previously relied on perilous water crossings.

Initiated in February 2023, the nearly one million euro project is set to open in June this year, marking a major step towards eliminating risky water travel in the area. The Engineer from Inter-links Construction Company confirmed the bridge’s readiness and expressed optimism about its long-term benefits for the local communities.

Residents of nearby villages have long faced challenges crossing between the two chiefdoms, previously relying on local canoes. This method was not only difficult but also dangerous. The absence of a bridge forced residents to use a makeshift wooden structure, which resulted in numerous fatalities, particularly among motorcycle riders transporting goods.

Soriebah Kamara, a resident and motorcycle rider, recounted the dangers endured by his colleagues, sharing tragic stories of riders who lost their lives after falling into the river. He expressed profound gratitude to Germany for their contribution, highlighting the improved connectivity between the chiefdoms.

Another resident, Musa Yarjah, emphasized the severe difficulties faced due to the lack of a bridge. He praised Germany for their role in this transformative development and expressed relief that vehicular transportation will now be possible between the two ends.

The bridge construction was supervised by the Sierra Leonean partner NaCSA, with German development funds facilitated through the financial cooperation of KfW.