On Sunday 14th August,2022 about 08:05 hours at Hill Cut junction, opposite St. Mary’s Supermarket Freetown, while on routine Patrol, OPS team headed by D/SP Bai Kamara encountered an issue between one Military Officer (Sheku Munya) with Military number 18176402 and a Civilian (Mohamed Kallon)who stays at Bafana, Portee, Bai Bureh Road, Freetown.

From report, according to the Military Officer he was off from duty waiting for a bike at N’gbagba yilla junction to go home when he spotted this Mohamed Kallon from a distance on his LX Motor bike with Government registration number AMP 978 and he was also putting on a Combat trousers. The Military Officer said he was pleased thinking that he had got himself a free ride from a comrade but sooner Mohamed Kallon (the Suspect) saw him he stopped his bike about 350 Meters off pretending he was doing something. He said just a minute the Military Officer decided to take another bike and left he saw this same Man (Suspect) took off, so he told his own rider to go slower.

The Military Officer told his own rider to stop at certain area at Hill Cut just to interrogate this Man. He tried to stop the Man by saying,”Comrade” but the Man did not stop he then pursued him with the same bike.Eventually, he saw this Man making a u-turn at Hill Cut junction round-about and parked his bike just opposite St. Mary’s Supermarket. He chased him and asked if he is an Officer but the Young Man replied he is not an Officer. The Military Officer asked again “why are you putting on a Military trousers”? he replied, it was for his protection. At this stage the Military Officer was furious and asked how? the Man said he feels insecure in his area at Portee since this unrest started as People are saying he is a supporter of SLPP and he thinks they will come after him, so that was why he is putting on the Military trousers in a form of camouflage.

The Officer asked if he thinks he is safe in putting on a Military trousers rather than seeking protection from the Police or Military? his replied was he has no trust in the Military neither the Police for his protection that’s why he is protecting himself.

At this juncture, the Officer was shocked as he was thinking what to do with the man when he saw Mountain Division Patrol team Vehicle approached. The Military Officer explained to the OPS team and the said Man admitted it was true. The OPS Officer asked if he is a Government worker as he was saw riding a bike with Government registration but he was quickly to respond by saying he is a Gold Smith worker. The OPS had no choice but to brought him to the Station and handed him over to the CID for further investigation.
The accuse is in custody for further investigations.