In a significant move towards electoral reform and national unity, the Government of Sierra Leone (GOSL) and the All Peoples Congress (APC) have issued a joint statement outlining their commitment to cooperation and electoral justice.

The joint statement, released by the Tripartite Committee established under Resolution Three of the Agreement for National Unity, highlights several key areas of progress and future steps:

Both parties have affirmed their dedication to electoral justice, electoral reforms, peace, and national cohesion. The Tripartite Committee, mandated to examine electoral systems, structures, and processes from the 2023 multi-tier electoral cycle, aims to enhance credibility and ensure future elections are free, fair, and credible.

Over the past six months, the Tripartite Committee has made significant strides. They have finalized their Terms of Reference, engaged in outreach with national stakeholders, and consulted international experts. Focus areas included elections management, institutional reforms, and legal frameworks. The Committee is now poised to deliver a comprehensive report to the President of Sierra Leone.

Both the GOSL and the APC anticipate the implementation of recommendations and reforms aimed at improving the conduct of elections in a transparent manner. These efforts are expected to bolster inclusive democracy and contribute to national development and stability.

In their joint statement, the GOSL and the APC underscored their unwavering commitment to peace and national cohesion. They condemned any actions aimed at inciting violence or disrupting democratic processes. Both parties reiterated their commitment to fully implementing all resolutions outlined in the Agreement for National Unity.

The Government of Sierra Leone and the APC expressed gratitude to development partners, experts, and moral guarantors who supported the reform process. They called upon all stakeholders and citizens to maintain peace and support critical electoral reforms essential for the future of Sierra Leone’s democracy.

In conclusion, the joint statement marks a pivotal moment in Sierra Leone’s democratic journey, signaling a collaborative effort towards building a stronger, more inclusive nation.